I deal with dog grooming from 1990.

In these years I was visited by a lot of pure bred and mixed breed dogs and their owners.

I learned a very important thing: there is always a new task which seems insolvable regarding dog grooming, but if you approach things with the needed lowliness you will reach success, be it untidiness, exaggerated sensibility, behaving problems, old-age specialities, skin disorders, etc.


As dog grooming is mainly not about shows (we all know that those breeds who need special grooming have their own specialists) our first task is to offer a professional service that we would be pleased to see on our own pets!

 It is important that the final style and hair length is suitable to show the breed characteristics, good for the dog’s health and comfort feeling and last but not least it has to be nice to watch! Often people sell puppies without informing the future dog owner about the hair cure. Dare to ask from the professionists, preferably in time, preventing with this a lot of inconveniences which always comes from ignorance! This is also part of socialising a dog. In case of any question regarding how to keep, educate, feed the dog, etc. I’m at your disposal!

In the spirit of these ideas I’m here to receive all the kind old and new clients in my decoratively created saloon! I assume the professional grooming of all pure bred and mixed breed dogs from small to medium-large size.


        In case of interest I do:

  • cosmetic cure

  • trimming

  • cutting

  • removing hairballs and knots

  • string making for Puli

  • bathing and drying with DRY DOG system

  • hygienic cure

  • nail trimming, ear cleaning

  • anal gland cleaning



I do show grooming of westies!

My professional master groomer certificate:


Takácsné M. Amaryll Professional Dog Groomer Master

Phone: 00 36 96/331-467 or  +36 30/393-5687

Address: 9026 Győr Révfalu, Bácsai u. 151.  Hungary.  E-mail: amaryll@charismawestie.com  
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Welcome to the Ryll Dog Grooming Salon in Győr, Hungary! Special westie, west highland white terrier grooming.